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Angular Measures

Martha Hill Duncan



Great for "show offs" ranging from Gr. 6 to Gr. 9! Hands alternate between blacks and whites with strong rhythms and patterns for ease of learning. Quadrangle(Gr. 6/7) Focuses on a strong l.h. melody, Pentangle (Gr. 7/8) Strong driving rhythms with colourful rh/lh drumming effects Triangle (Gr. 6/7) Imitates percussive,tingling sounds of triangle - fun accellerandos and pedal effects Tangle (Gr. 9) Mystical and lyrical - excellent vehicle for sensitive and expressive teens.

Pentangle (Gr. 7/8)
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Triangle (Gr. 6/7)
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Tangle (Gr. 9)
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Quadrangle (Gr. 6/7)
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