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Everything Waits for the Lilacs

John Burge



This six-minute work was commissioned by Canadian pianist Janina Fialkowska, the title of which is borrowed from Margaret Avision's poem, "Thaws". The music makes expansive use of the entire keyboard and is tinged with a distant romanticism that in part reflects a frozen landscape waiting for the arrival of spring. At times the music echoes appropriately with a strong sense of longing and desire and ends with a very loud repeated chord that just can't seem to break free of the fading grasp of winter as each repetition increasingly reverberates with more ghostly overtones. This work is included on the RCM ARCT Piano Performance Diploma Repertoire List E and has been used by many students as a required Canadian composition in national and international piano performance competitions. 11 pages.

Everything Waits for the Lilacs (Opening)
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Everything Waits for the Lilacs (Ending)
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