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Red Leaf
Branches Anthology$25
Saplings Anthology$25
Sprouts Anthology$19
Irene Voros
Amy Stephens
A Day at the Beach$15
Childhood Excursions: Are We There Yet?!$15
Scenes of San Francisco$15
Peter Rudzik
Arctic Sonata$30
Carmen Paraphrase, La Campanella Paraphrase$15
Chopsticks Variations for Two Pianos$30
Easy as Pie$15
Pop! Goes the Weasel Duet Variations and The Muffin Man Duet Variations$15
The Book of Easy Piano Magic$15
The Book of Piano Magic$15
Three Blind Mice and The Wheels on the Bus Duet Variations$15
Truly Astounding Animals$15
Twinkle Variations, Fur Elise Duet Variations$15
Wild Rose Suite$15
Wynn-Anne Rossi
Classics Made New$15
Daily Comforts, book one$15
Daily Comforts, book two$15
Teresa Richert
At Sea$15
Eleven Miniatures$15
Jungle Jingles (only in PDF from richertmusic.com)$12
Just for Fun! - Early Elementary Piano Solos$15
Just Kidding! (2011 Edition)$11
Land of Dreams Book 1: Early Elementary$13
Land of Dreams Book 2: Elementary$13
Northern Menagerie$15
Northern Petals$9
Off to Camp! Early Elementary Piano Solos$15
Pawzazz - Trio for One Piano, Six Paws$9
Petals for Piano$15
The Puppy Inventions (2011 Edition)$7
Toy Collection - Elementary Piano Solos$13
Beverly Porter
Along the Shore$15
Clowning Around and More!..........$15
Deep Sea Blues$9
Don't Bug Me!$9
Dust Bunnies$7
Fireweed Rag$9
Into the Woods$15
Lady Bug and Friends$15
Land of the Silver Birch$15
Mechanical Man$7
Rags to Riches$15
Snow Blossoms$7
Turquoise Tangle$9
Rebekah Maxner
A Jolly Little Jingle (Christmas Counterpoint)$15
Johnny Appleseed$15
Jolly Pachelbel$15
Madge Notebook A Piano Tribute to the Hunger Games$17
O Canada - Rebekah Maxner$5
Old MacDonald had the Blues$15
Rock that Train$15
Rock the Boat$15
Rock this Town$15
The Color Collection$15
The Color Collection Junior$15
TITANIC A Voyage in Piano Music - Elementary$15
TITANIC A Voyage in Piano Music - Intermediate$15
Susan Griesdale
Arctic Voices$17
Catch the Magic!$15
Cool Cat$9
Creepy Crawlies$9
Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 3 Scatter Dance$17
Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 1$15
Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 2$17
Hockey Sticks$7
Jester's Dance$9
Latin Tracks$9
Lets Pretend!$15
Little Hands, Big Pieces$15
O Canada Duet - Susan Griesdale$9
O Yeah!$9
Out of the Box$17
Piano Mime in Concert$17
Piano Poems$17
Rhythm Band$9
Rhythm Practice$15
Sixty Fingers$36
Slap Shot$7
Spirit Dance$11
The Threesome Blues$9
Three To Tango$9
Janet Gieck
Dances, Daydreams & Dinosaurs$15
Industrial Revolutions Per Minute$9
Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe$15
Outside My Window Vol. 1$15
Outside My Window Vol. 2$17
Sundae Soup Vol. 1$15
Sundae Soup Vol. 2$17
Taking Chances$15
The Birthday of a King$17
When I Grow Up$13
Martha Hill Duncan
Angular Measures$15
Cottage Days$15
If Dogs Could Talk: 13 Playful Piano Pieces$15
Images in Sound: Piano Solos$15
Isla Vista Suite$15
Limestone Etchings$15
O Canada - Martha Hill Duncan$9
Rainy Days for Solo Piano$15
Snowdrifts for 1 piano, 4 hands$7
The Dog That Was and The Dog That Is$9
The Lion's Tale$13
The Old Stone Church$13
The Sunken Garden$17
Where the Aspens Grow$24
Zarzamora Suite$17
John Burge
Everything Waits for the Lilacs$13
O Canada - John Burge$9
Parking an Octatonic Truck$17
Piano Reflections$19
The Mata Hari Suite$19
Twenty-four Preludes$39
Joanne Bender
Alive and Growing$15
Canadiana Suite for Piano Quartet$12
Colours of the North$9
Creatures Great and Small$15
Fly, Butterfly, Fly for Piano Quartet$20
Fun for Friends$9
Green Earth Suite$15
O Canada - Joanne Bender$7
Over the Rainbow for Piano Quartet$24
Rhapsody in Blue for Piano Quartet$28
Strong and Free$15
Things Bright and Beautiful$15
June Armstrong
Causeway Coast Fantasy$17
Dreams and Dragons$15
Enchanted World$17
Ireland's Most Beautiful Ancient Airs$17
Magical World$15
Music Box$15
Paint Box$15
Puffin Island$15
Rayan's Duet Book$10
Sea World$15
Six Little Preludes and Fugues$15
Strangford Sketchbook$17
Take Ten$15
The Girona Suite$17
The Nine Glens of Antrim$15
Toy Box$15